Sample Cylinders

Welker Constant Pressure Floating Piston Sample Cylinders collect and maintain gas or liquid samples at full pipeline conditions-regardless of pressure and temperature- and provide collection, storage and transport of liquid or gas samples at pipeline conditions. D.O.T. approved models are available for working pressures up to 3600 psi.

Transport Canada approved models are available in several sizes with working pressures up to 1800 psi.



CP2 Constant Pressure Cylinder

DOT-SP 7657
for CP-2 (maximum volume 1000cc)
and CP-4 (maximum volume 100cc)

DOT-SP 10370
For CP-35 (maximum volume 1000cc)

DOT-SP 11054
For CP-5 (maximum volume 6000cc)
For CP-2HP (maximum volume 1000cc)


Absorbent Tube Cylinder

CP Cylinder Tri-Fold (PDF)

CP2 High Pressure Cylinder

Cases and Accessories

Cylinder Carrying Case

Single Cavity, Seal-Tight Standard Cylinder Carrying Case

Self Contained Heated Carrying

Cylinder Holders and Mounts





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